The demand for skin firming and body toning treatments is unlimited. Modern skin firming treatments and body modeling methods are quickly becoming one of the most popular and developing skin rejuvenating techniques. Today, women and men are yearning for body shaping methods that do not require strenuous exercises. Focus RF is a solution that brings desired body toning effects, and reduces wrinkles, without the need for skin “fillers”.

Strengthening the skin’s structure and wrinkle reduction which restores facial smoothness traditionally requires the use of invasive surgery or ablative techniques, such as laser resurfacing or chemical exfoliation. These methods have side effects, a long convalescence period and there is a high risk of dyschromia (pigmentation alterations) – and this is why they are currently less popular.

  • Body and face treatments with the FOCUS RF device will pad your bottom line!

Within the next 5 years, the current market segment employed with skin toning and body shaping treatments will become a fundamental catalyzer of unprecedented global development of aesthetic cosmetics. It is predicted that skin toning and body shaping devices will flood the cosmetics market, and the annual growth rate of the use of these devices is being estimated at 15%. Women are concerned with signs of aging. Harris’s study, conducted in 2006 for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that the percentage of women extremely or very worried by wrinkles or sagging skin is – respectively – 44% and 41%.





Number of treatments




4.3Bilion USD

8.5Bilion USD

*Medical Insight, Inc.2006


The formation and reduction of cellulite is cause for worry for approx. 85% of past-pubescent women. Even slim women show signs of cellulite. As the problem is a global one it has created a vast demand for skin firming and body shaping treatments.

The FOCUS RF device smoothes out fine wrinkles, and lifts and firms the face’s contour.
  • Electromagnetic spectrum

  • Gamma rays, X-rays, Ultra red, radio waves

  • Visible light

  • Patented aesthetic frequencies

  • Modulated frequencies (MF) 10000m

Photon’s properties
  • ENERGY (PHOTONS TO QUANTS) ← Rising falling →

  • FREQUENCY (OCCURRENCES PER CYCLE) ← rising (higher frequency) falling (lower frequency) →

  • WAVE LENGTH (FROM HIGHEST VALUE TO HIGHEST VALUE)← shorter wave longer wave →


Unipolar RF, RF – radio frequency – electrode configuration

Electrodes coming into contact with the skin emit RF waves. Two of the most popular electrode configurations in RF devices available on the market are bipolar/tripolar and unipolar. The derivative energy field differs in both configurations, but the final effect of applying energy to tissue is similar.

Not suitable for face treatments

In a unipolar configuration one electrode is active/positive, while the other (much larger) is located far from the first and is negative / grounding. The unipolar system concentrates dense, high power RFs on the single electrode ensuring relatively deep, but chance penetration and diffused charges once the RFs density and power decreases, as the electricity has a long way to travel from its source. Unipolar charges travel through a path of smallest resistance, and this is linked with reduction of fat tissue on the face due to the use of excessive levels of RF energy. In result, the face appears to be even older, with more wrinkles, and there is a risk of a caved-in appearance.

Bipolar FOCUS RF (two electrodes) – safe for both face and body treatments

In the bipolar FOCUS RF configuration, RF charges flow between two identical electrodes in the applicator (astrolabe); one is positive the other negative, located a specific distance apart. RF charges flow through the tissues along a preprogrammed arch, between two poles safely located between the +/- electrodes. Distance between the electrodes visually indicates for the technician the exact place the RFs are reaching. In case of bipolar systems, no grounding is required. Foreseeable patterns and diffusion of bipolar FOCUS RFs in the tissues enables exact penetration. The system is safe, controlled and more precise: which are its main advantages. The Auto-Focus 3D skin toner includes programs used to localize and affect only desired tissues, due to which it requires less energy to heat up the dermis. This in turns ensures less discomfort during treatments and painless results.


The Auto-Focus 3D’s (patented by FOCUS RF) main advantage is its illustrations, effective and steered RF charge distribution within the foreseen target arch on the treated skin area. FOCUS RF tones and corrects – and brings profits!

  • Skin firmness treatments

  • Collagen reformation, skin rejuvenation, smoothing

  • Body forming, weight reduction

  • Cellulite reduction


FOCUS RF skin toning process

Low=frequency RF vibrations cause a reaction within the skin. Collagen fibers begin to shrink, even up to 65%. Skin becomes noticeably smoother.

Collagen reconstruction, skin rejuvenation, increased skin smoothness with FOCUS RF.

FOCUS RF enables the application of safe, effective and selective heat to various depths of the body’s tissues, which in turn tones the net supporting the fat tissue and partially denatures existing collagen fibers, facilitating the formation of new ones. When collagen fibers are heated some parts of the net are torn apart, but not destroyed. Collagen shrinks and becomes more densely situated, and new collagen fibers are formed. Increased fibroblast activity causes skin to look younger, which in turn initiates renewal processes (fibroblast proliferation and neocollagenesis).

Modeling / slimming the body with FOCUS RF – effective, targeted and waist slimming treatments.

Body shaping treatments can help restore the body’s optimal shape in any chose area. Fat tissue is very sensitive to blood flow. FOCUS RF thermally induces hyperemia, increased blood flow and frees free fatty acids. It also stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers, lipolysis and lymph drainage.

Obesity plays a large role in fat tissue homeostasis, but this can be turned into hyperthermia with the help of the FOCUS RF device. Hyperthermia induces selective electro-thermolysis. The use of the FOCUS RF device increases blood circulation within the treated area and facilitates lymph drainage and apoptosis in heat-treated fat tissues. Focus RF body shaping and slimming treatments reduce the waistline and the thighs.

A smart investment you can afford – Immediate and substantial return of investment

Patented AUTO-FOCUS 3D technology allows the technician to adjust the RFs penetration into the skin’s tissues with the help of an illustrated screen. AUTO-FOCUS 3D allows the technician to choose manually the areas of the skin which are to be treated, or the device can work according to preset, recommended depth parameters for optimal results.

AUTO-FOCUS 3D cumulates and targets heat on chosen tissue depths and stimulates the chosen, targeted tissue. FOCUS RF precisely denatures skin tissue in chosen areas.

This efficient thermal RF stimulation guarantees the desires aesthetic effects: modeling, slimming, as well as collagen reconstruction, toning and shrinking, leading to neocollagenesis.



Auto-Focus 3D controls and (1) face and body programs allow treatments to commence immediately, and your income to increase rapidly thanks to the FOCUS RF skin toner.


FOCUS RF skin treatment programs:


  • Forehead

  • Face

  • Neck and neckline

  • Area around eyes

  • Stomach

  • Back

  • Arms and shoulders

  • Hands

  • Legs, hands, feet

  • Visual navigation (Auto-Focus 3D, patient/model repositioning) makes treatments simple, more comfortable and faster.


Examples of menu options:

Forehead button: choose program suitable for the forehead.

Face button: choose face treatment.

Eye area button: choose treatment for area around the eyes.

Treatment acceleration procedure

Patented Auto-Focus 3D technology ensures fast and effective treatments.


Great results – tone, lift, shape, boost firmness and reduce fat.

FOCUS RF – reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves skin structure and prevents future onsets.

Cellulite is the presence of detached sections of subcutaneous fat tissue, which migrate within the subcutaneous elastic tissue. It is the result of fat being stored in subcutaneous layers which is visible through the elastic layer of connective tissue covering fat stored in the dermis, including deeper-situated connective layers; causing the irregularities we term orange peel skin.

Patented FOCUS RF Auto-Focus 3D technology can help tone and taut skin affected by cellulite by toning skin fibers through the thermal impairment of the vessels. RFs utilized in FOCUS RF tone and shrink the layer of tissue located between the dermis and subcutaneous layer.

Focus RF maximizes the supply of RF energy to subcutaneous fat layers, creating selectively localized thermal damages in fat junctions, which causes a visible reduction of cellulite. Skin reinforcement is the principle condition of long-term improvements.

FOCUS RF tips:
Mini tip

This tip is used around the eyes, nose, lips and on the hands. It eliminates and reduces wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Swelling is thermally stimulated in the deep skin layers, leading to collagen denaturation, neocollagenesis and smaller pores. Additional benefits include faster lymph drainage, elimination of toxins, lighter and smoother skin.




Face tip

This tip has a built-in indirect cooling system, and can be used on the face, neckline and hands. It eliminates fine lines, reduces and eliminates wrinkles, tones the skin and lifts the face’s contour. Additional benefits include smoother skin and lightened freckles.




Large tip

The large tip can be used on the body. It shapes the figure, tones, reduces cellulite. It smoothes the skin’s structure, facilitates the elimination of fat tissue, helps eliminate toxins and reinforces the epidermis.





FOCUS RF shapes and slims down the body. FOCUS RF obtains “aesthetic temperature levels” and penetrates the stratum corneum (most outermost layer of the epidermis).
  • The clear layer (stratum lucidum)

  • Granular layer (stratum Granulosum)

  • Spinous layer (Stratum Spinsum)

  • Basal layer (Stratum germinativum)

  • Epidermis

  • Dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ)

  • Dermis

  • Subcutaneous-dermal junction (SDJ)

  • Subcutaneous fat layer



Skin toning technology has finally appeared

Controlled thermal energy can be used to tone loose and sagging skin via the well-known collagen denaturation process. Heat-induced collagen denaturation usually takes place in temperatures of 65˚C.

Radiofrequency energy (RF) within an established range has been for years giving positive results in the field of dielectric rehabilitation and to heat tissues during radiofrequency surgery. Today, RF technology has become a new and attractive source of energy used in the fields of aesthetic cosmetology and dermatology. Many studies have shown that RF photons effectively tone the skin, causing a visible lift effect. Selective electro-thermolysis via radio frequencies is a safe and effective, nonablative method for strengthening the skin and eliminating wrinkles.

RFs penetrate the body and are deeply absorbed; the patient feels a relatively weak heat sensation. While traditional lasers emitted heat while targeting specific chromophores, the RF technology on which FOCUS RF is founded and the Auto-Focus 3D system supplies controlled heat through tissue impedance, in result supplying carrier frequencies (MHz CF) as well as five patented slow-modulating frequencies (MF). RFs work especially well on tissues composed of collagen fibers, as these shrink when heat is applied. RFs tone and rejuvenate the skin via a reconstruction of collagen fibers. RF energy can be safely used with all skin types. Additional benefits include the stimulation of fibroblasts to form new collagen fibers.

RFs – radio frequency photons – the basics

RF energy is a form of electromagnetic photonic energy of a wide frequency range – from 3 to 300 kHz. Low frequency RF energy impacts the skin via an emission of low-frequency waves, which mimic the thermal effects of higher-frequency lasers, ultra red devices and intensely pulsating light sources. The energy of RF photons is similar to optic energy and impacts the skin’s tissues. The amount of RF energy applied during FOCUS RF treatments can be easily adjusted with the help of the Auto-Focus 3D system, in order to reach the desired tissues.

Wonderful training courses, support and services. FOCUS RF benefits:
  • Low price: technology offering twice the results for half the price of comparable systems.

  • Fast return of investments: FOCUS RF’s cutting edge technology is locked in an easy to use device at a reasonable price.

  • Can be used to treat both the body and face: one system – multiple treatment options. There is no need to use additional accessories or tools.

  • More treated customers: 10 program options allow salons to quickly preform various firming treatments both for the body and face.

  • Flexibility: FOCUS RF has visual programming aids which allow the technician to choose the treatment’s depth and area.

  • Simple integration: a large 10-inch LCD screen with color interface and a 3D model and as well as a skin screen which accelerates treatments.

  • Three bipolar tips: ensure a maximum range of treatments.

  • Lasting results: Exclusive FOCUS RF technology penetrates all skin layers, including the deepest layers of the dermis, which leads to collagen denaturation. FOCUS RF treatments are more precise than other anti-wrinkle remedies.

  • Can be used to treat all skin types: guarantees lasting results regardless of skin type.

  • No convalescence: fast, comfortable treatments allow customers to quickly return to their everyday activities.

  • Low treatment costs: the FOCUS RF system does not include any single-use elements, which means lower costs and higher profits.

  • Quick results: exclusive FOCUS RF technology indicates the skin depth on which treatments will cause measurable results.