There are no miracles, but there’s RF+

I found a lot of contradictory information about the Focus RF device, which noninvasively rejuvenates skin on the face and body. I decided to get additional information about the system at the Royal Vital Salon, which has been using the Focus technology the longest in Poland.

To start with I’d like to ask – are treatments painful?
  • No, they are not. Our clients are often very alert during their first treatment, but since it is not painful, during later sessions they relax, and often take a nap.

In that case why are there so many rumors that the treatments are painful?
  • The Focus RF device I work with has bipolar technology. It is the most modern device available, with a patented skin-firming AUTO-FOCUS 3D system and a triple cooling system. All information regarding painful treatments pertains to one-polar devices, which are much older. Those treatments were so painful that many women could not stand the pain and refrained from further treatments.

All right – Focus does not cause pain, but what about safety?
  • The Focus RF device is a bipolar device. This means that radio waves which penetrate the skin reach only the layers we want to treat; the dermis, if we want to invoke fibroblasts into producing collagen and when the desired effect is rejuvenation, or subcutaneous tissue is we want to additionally slim down an area of the body. The waves reach these layers and then return to the device.

I’m not an expert so I’ll simply ask: could the radio waves which penetrate the body wreak havoc in our internal organs? For example could the waves reach our brain through the skull?
  • This is not possible. Bones have a higher density than our subcutaneous tissue and the waves are not strong enough to penetrate it. They retract either from the layer of the dermis or the subcutaneous tissue and return to the device’s tip. This compels the skin to produce new collagen fibers.

During facial treatments the tip comes very close to the eye. Can the waves penetrate the optical nerve or some other nerves and cause paralysis or other damage?
  • On the contrary, the waves are beneficial to the nerves, and induce them to work better. I’ve had clients who used muscle paralysis injections for skin lifting reasons. After a while the effects of these injections wear off, and the skin begins to sag. The injections sometimes damaged the nerves, causing the corner of the lips or eyelids to droop. Focus RF caused these nerves to regenerate, and the problem ceased. Focus RF works great after plastic surgery. In a nutshell, skin after an operation is tautened, and in result; thinner. Focus RF improves the skin’s structure, boosting its density.

Can Focus RF be used by persons who’ve had fat injected into their cheeks, or wrinkle fillers injected into their face and necklines?
  • Clinical tests have shown that Focus does not thwart the effects of these treatments.

But you’ve mentioned that radio waves can penetrate fat tissue and help remove it?
  • Knowing that a client has had fat injected into her cheeks we do not affect the subcutaneous tissues, and only the dermis, to achieve a firming effect.

Are there any contraindications for Focus treatments?
  • The only contraindications are pregnancy and a pacemaker.

All right: since there are no side effects and treatments are not painful, I want to sign up for one session. I want to look younger. Please tell me about the treatment’s benefits.
  • For a beauty technician, work with the Focus RF device is very pleasant. Results are noticeable after every single visit. I observe as wrinkles become more shallow, eyelids lift, eyebrows begin to take on a new shape, the eyes “open”, as sagging cheeks disappear, a double chin is reduced, the neckline becomes smooth, and the skin becomes tauter, just like in young people. I usually recommend 10 visits. But the best part is that during the months following a visit, fibroblasts intensely produce collagen fibers. The best results are visible 4 months after a cycle of treatments. That is the best time to repeat a cycle of treatments. I’ve seen 60 and 70-year-old women look 20 years younger. The effects are amazing. As one of my clients said after a cycle of treatments: There are no miracles, but there’s FOCUS.

Are these treatments recommended mainly for mature women?
  • Absolutely not. Young women can use Focus for prophylactic reasons. This way they will delay the formation of wrinkles around the eyes, prevent sagging cheeks. The skin, forced to work intensely, will remain firm and rested.

  • The formation of wrinkles is an individual matter, but sometimes even young woman have problems with sagging skin or spider veins around the eyes, or even frown lines. I recommend doing 5 treatments by the age of 35, followed by a cycle of treatments every three months. It is good to inspect the skin closely to see the changes taking place in order to react at the right time. Treatments should be applied subsequent to a sudden weight loss or skin that was over dried by the sun. Focus RF reminds lazy skin to produce collagen more efficiently.

How does skin on the face look immediately after treatment?
  • There is no swelling, redness or any other signs. Customers can go back to their everyday activities immediately after treatment.

And how does Focus RF work on the skin on the body?
  • The principle is the same as when treating the face, only a different tip is used during treatments. Focus RF makes the skin on the body firmer, helps eliminate cellulite, and can alleviate other imperfections, such as loose skin on the inner side of the arms, thighs and under the knees. Focus RF is great for the hands, too – it makes the skin tauter and lightens age spots.

What should we avoid during the time we are taking FOCUS treatments?
  • All we need to do is lead a normal life and be pleased with the treatments’ effects.







Interview: Anna Stefopulos